Tuesday, January 5, 2010

without further adieu...

jan. 5, 2010
my new baby. my very own sewing machine, finally out of the box, finally enough room to take her out of the box. the craft area needed and still needs more cleaning. more cleaning and purging. as does my room, my bathroom, our storage area. purge, purge, purge. :)

i love that my machine says simple on it, here's hoping she isn't a liar and is indeed simple. cause sometimes i get so frustrated that i want to scream about how NOT simple sewing is sometimes.


Auntie See said...

I hope it will 'Sing' for you.

Anna said...

i love her!!!

lis said...

hii!! i hope you and the fam had a wonderful xmas and a happy new year!

congrats on the new machine! she's beautiful! i'm at a point where i'm sewing so much that i finally broke my first needle! (..after how many years of owning my sewing machine?!)

have fun honey bunny!