Sunday, December 7, 2008

Moving on up!

Due to increased demands...hehe...In additions to having my cards at Stars Antique Market I am now carrying them at Skinner's Pharmacy. Now all of you that have been complaining about the drive down the hill can purchase

But seriously my Aunt asked if I wanted to have her carry them in their pharmacy's gift shop and I jumped at the opportunity. I think it will be a better market for them and really hope they do well up there. So we had the discussion yesterday afternoon and I delivered a dozen hand made cards about a great turnaround. I just got in a groove.

Without further adieu...(<---that looks right... not really)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Big D

Shamu got his time to shine on the blog and I didn't want to leave out Big D. He was less accomodating during his photo shoot. I think it's because Joe is in SD and Donovan has just not been himself since he left. They are best buds now. Seriously though, it's pretty cute.
Gazing off into the distance.
I prefer to think he looks like little red riding hood, and not part of the Taliban.

<3 a.m.i holiday cards

I picked a good topic to blog about..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For his Mommy..

After taking pics of the kitchenware I had an impromptu photo shoot with Banning. As if there is another kinda of photo shoot with a DOG.

P.S. He never sits still. I don't know what kind of power my Nikon has...but I like it.

a.n.d. cakes

My sister and Danielle are absolutely AMAZING cake designers. This is their first commisioned cake that wasn't for a family member or friend. I honestly see a future for these two girls, seeing as this is their 5th or so cake and they have no formal experience/teaching, and are already blowing the socks off people. Hopefully they can make the money that they should be making for creating these beautiful works of art.

This was for a luncheon and was asked to be made to look like a certain China print and it totally does. I wish I knew the name or had a link but the girls got it down. Even with the touches of color within the white blocks. Congrats girls you are um..AMAZING!

<3 a.m.i

O Christmas Tree!

My newest craft! Antique jewelry framed Christmas Tree..also can be found at Stars Antique.

Our ghetto fab Heiniken sponsored Living Xmas Tree.

Kitchen Stowaways!

Here are the fab kitchen things I bought at the antique store that will not be named because I am not endorsing it whatsoever. Especially since my cards are carried only at Stars Antique Market!


Sugar Shaker

Refridgerator pitcher

Friday, November 28, 2008

Warning: May cause vommitting.

This is what happens when Joe falls asleep. I make corny collages of us on Picasa. It's really amazing we are able to spend so much time together with him being such a morning person, and I'm such a night owl. It's our "me" time I guess..which I hope will keep us both sane living in the dungeon. :) Seriously though, he has a few hours to himself every morning while I'm snoring away, and I have a few hours every night with him over there breathing like a dragon. That boy breathes LOUD.

*Full turkey report to tomorrow. The turkey is beginning to hit and I'm getting very sleeeeeeeeepy.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updated <3 a.m.i Cards.

* Some have already been sold. :)