Wednesday, January 6, 2010

dear lifesize bottle of knock-off nyquil...

jan. 6, 2010
when i bought you december 26, 2009 when I was nursing my poor joe back to health, i thought you were going to last a lifetime. well at least to get us through a few colds. but here I am how many weeks after, still fighting the same cold that has morphed his way into different forms. you've been so good to me, i usually sleep until the morning when i wake up with the sorest of sore throats from sleeping with my mouth wide open the whole night. probably snoring, more that usual. but now i see you are running low, all 16 fl oz. of you. you'll get me through tonight and maybe one or two more. then we shall part my loving knock off nyquil. on sale with my cvs card. you made it to the new year. but i doubt you'll see the weekend. perhaps i'll go to the dr. tomorrow to finally kick this funky thing. but working at the germ incubator that i do i'll probably be buying some more of you real soon, perhaps costco carries a larger size.

sweet dreams.

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Anna said...

hmm...i wonder how it compares to my rx cough syrup with codine...? let's mix n match ;)