Monday, January 18, 2010

these paws were made for walking..

jan. 18, 2010

took the pups out for a leisurely stroll when i got home from work today. the rain had stopped and i felt like they deserved the opportunity to be the first to pee on everything. and they did. they lifted their legs for every tree, bush, and rock. synchronized peeing, dueling peeing, sequential peeing, they did it all. the highlight of the walk was when donovan either didn't see the sidewalk ending or thought he was going to fly, but either way he like fell off the curb or jumped, i don't know quite how it happened but he ended up landing like 3 feet from the curb to a sliding stop. poor guy hobbled on three legs for like 3 houses. didn't skip a beat either, would have kept walking without a whimper if i didn't stop him to make sure he was ok. it cracks me up how he is such a different dog on walks. the alpha male. peeing on trees first and then running to the front of the pack. we are a pack of three now. the other highlight, or notable story rather, was when banning's $1 collar broke. who would have thought that that would happened. was talking to my mom about donovan's crash and burn when banning is suddenly off leash and i'm sitting there walking his identification tags instead. at least he didn't sprint off like donovan would have.

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