Friday, November 28, 2008

Warning: May cause vommitting.

This is what happens when Joe falls asleep. I make corny collages of us on Picasa. It's really amazing we are able to spend so much time together with him being such a morning person, and I'm such a night owl. It's our "me" time I guess..which I hope will keep us both sane living in the dungeon. :) Seriously though, he has a few hours to himself every morning while I'm snoring away, and I have a few hours every night with him over there breathing like a dragon. That boy breathes LOUD.

*Full turkey report to tomorrow. The turkey is beginning to hit and I'm getting very sleeeeeeeeepy.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updated <3 a.m.i Cards.

* Some have already been sold. :)

My Favs!

You MUST click on this collage to make it bigger.
I love this kid.
The one in the left top corner was the first one I took.
He was running, saw the camera, stopped, posed and smiled!
Too cute!

11 Months!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

<3 a.m.i

I sold 5 cards today!!! Before anyone gets too excited. Clara, a Stars employee, purchased them today when working with my mom. But she bought them! And she loves them, so much that I have a custom order from her too.

Basically I need to get busy because she wiped out like half of my inventory. hehe.

It's a start!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So another great thing about moving home is being to work at the Artzone again!! Honestly it has been so great being back there. I love all the girls who work there, and we have a blast working together, well at least I know I do.

I honestly love going to work. It is just such a fun environment to be in and I really don't think you can have a bad day being around kids. Even if it is tiring and trying at times, someone will say something that will just make you giggle.

Laura, the owner, said the other day that we needed a book to start writing down funny things that happen at the Artzone. I'm going to start jotting them down here, just to share the giggles. Names will be changed of course to protect the wee ones.

I have been working mornings which are our pre-school classes. I honestly don't think I worked these hours before because I don't remember having kids that weren't potty trained. Anyways, I asked one of the boys who was squirming if they had to go potty. He said no..then paused and said, "I'm just holding my penis." And he totally was, just like making sure it was still there or something. He offered me a cheeto the next time I was working and I most certainly did not eat it, because there was more "penis holding" that day too.

Another tid bit about potty training. For those (boys) that are using the potty, there are two methods. Standing or sitting. When helping them at the toliet I always ask if they sit or stand and I always get the same look, like well Ali, OF COURSE I SIT/STAND. Like how dare I ask a silly question.

Last potty story of the day. Not really a story, just that I don't say bathroom or restroom anymore. I say I'm going to the potty, which is sometimes met with strange reactions.

So today I worked at the Artzone and it was the first time I was in charge. Like during open studio I was the only teacher there, and I taught the art class later in the day, with the help of a new employee at the AZ. Stefanie did stop by during the transition period which REALLY helped and calmed my nerves a bit. Thanks Stef!! It really meant a lot! Anyways, I thought class went realllllly well. I was really happy with the art lesson and the kids seemed to really like it. I told me mom how I was the lead teacher there and she was like so you were like a "teacher" then. And Joe, the funny guy that he is, made a comment to my Dad about finally his money wasn't going to waste. Since I do have a BA in Liberal Studies, essentially Elementary Teaching, and until returning to the AZ I was using it to organize jiu-jitsu tournaments.

As much as I liked organizing tournaments, and yes, I did enjoy it. MOM. I like being able to leave work at work, and not worry about it from the morning I wake up until I finally fall asleep. I have enough crap I have to deal with and would much rather spend my time not at work with my family and Joe. Oh and working on A.M.I card company. Ok not really an enterprise, I just sign the back with a heart and a.m.i. I am currently up to 11 cards I am proud enough to put my name on and sell. I'm thinking I will put them in Stars on Saturday when my mom is working.

Ok seriously rambling. Goodnight!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reagan John Anthony Thedford

I finally got to see Jamie and her beautiful baby boy!!
The no baby club.
Testing the self timer on Jessie's camera.

Black and White, literally. Him not me! Seriously.

I could totally pass him off as mine!!

Look at that little tongue!

And those beautiful baby blues!

Peaceful as can be...for now.

Little fingers, little toes.

Too cute!

I'm SUCH a runner now.

So I just got back from my jog. Yes, for those of you counting that is two runs in two weeks. It might be a record. I am happy to announce it was MUCH easier this time. So hopefully if I'm not incredibly sore like last time I will be able to run again this week. My mom pointed out that the West High Alumni Soccer Game is a week from today and let's just say I don't want to be a total embarassment.

So it was a different run today and I think I like it much better than the last, even though there are some things that annoy me. #1 running on Prospect, there isn't like a flat sidewalk and then a driveway the driveway just cuts into the sidewalk. Does that make any sense? It just is annoying because there are some many driveways and it hurts my knees and ankle running on the angle. My ankles are terrible after soccer, and have a distinct bend when I try to stand straight. #2 is, there is just no way to make a run without hills around my house. I've been running up them and walking. Obviously I prefer walking and we did that on this run. Yes WE. Another reason this run was easier was because JOE came with me!! Just having someone there made it a whole lot easier, and he def. pushed me at the end, we sprinted the end before stretching and walking up the hill.

Since I am such a runner now I've found a website to map my runs. I may have found this looking at someone else's blog, or maybe in a mag, probably another blog though. so the website is called you guessed it Map My Run ( and I love it! It tells you how far you run, so you can map the run ahead of time, say you want to run 3 miles, you can figure out how far you need to run to do that. I've just used it after the fact to figure out how far it was.

Here it is in all it's glory,

So we RAN 2 miles and walked up the hills which equaled a little less than half a mile. My last run was less than two miles and I walked A LOT more so it's def. an improvement!! Woot. Woot.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My new hobby! That will make me a MILLIONAIRE!

So the week before I moved back to T-Town my friend Lisa and I went to Souplantation (yum!) then went to look into this store next door. Little did we know we'd spend the next hour in this tiny, adorable scrapbooking/stamping store. That's where it all began. I got some lessons from my ever so artsy fartsy sister as well as some of her tools and off I went!! I have my own little crafting area right outside our bedroom, that I'm trying oh so hard to keep neat. Anyways here are some of my cards. I'm going to try to sell some at Stars Antique Market and see where to go from there. I'm thinking pricing them at like $3 a piece. What do my faithful readers think about that?? I figure it they are going to spend "buttloads" on antiques, why not add a little card at the cash register. I'll have to talk to the gals about upselling them. :) Mom, that means you!!
Got these little stamps from Scrampers in Old Torrance.

I love this paper! Lots of little baked goods!


Similar to one I posted earlier. (if not the same one!)
My OG stamp. Aka the first one I bought!

Purple power.

I'm so happy the lady talked me into buying these little gems! Thanks Lady!

Thank you Amanda for this stamp!

I made this card for my friend Jamie who gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby boy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fam bam.

The Ito family went out for a nice family dinner at Dad's fave China Buffet in da hood. They basically know him there by name. We always have a fun time together!
Edgemere Connection!
The boys.

The girls! Oh and Dad!

Sissy poo and Dad. Poor thing still thinks he loves her more.

The fam, Joe the token Mexican, Mom the token White lady. Sorry about this pic Mom. :)

A little bit of this..a little bit of that.

Auntie Dot rocking the shades!

Mom and Dad.

Sugar Coma.



Dorean's graceful decent.

Like a kid!


An avid reader.


Look at those tiny curls!

"Are YOU talking to ME?"

"Mom, something is wrong here. I just can't put my finger on it."

Mommy and Klayre

Not a fan.


I love that little smirk.

Sock Monkeys!

Klayre read all of her cards, and shook them for money. Taught her well.

Amanda and Danielle's amazing ladybug cake!