Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 Project

trying to get this blog going once again. my new blog goal is to do a pic a day. that should be easy enough. i won't be in all of them. basically i just want to post a pic a day. probably will be from my iphone cause its just easier and they have an easier chance of making it.

so here are my pics for the first of the year...haven't taken one today yet...i havent left the bed much, i think i pulled another muscle in my chest. worse this time. hurts when i move, breathe and cough. im falling apart, it's just one thing after another.

without further adieu....
jan. 1, 2010
the feast on new years day. our group was smaller than usual but the food was a plenty. mostly asian food, and all delicious. asking the aunties to start teaching amanda and i to make all this goodness so we can carry on the tradition. i dont ever want to stop eating like this on new years.

jan. 2, 2010
im actually in this pic, but you may not notice with with the giant toddler using me as a jungle gym. i love this little boy, riley, and his ever growing personality. what a loving little boy who goes non-stop. hope joe and i were able to give grandma and papa some breathing time while watching the ufc fights. sweetest thing was when he was sitting next to me and just says softly, "i love joe." i do too kid, i do too.

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