Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things happen for a reason...

With everything that's been happening lately, I've taken reasurrance from the little things that show me that everything happens for a reason. Some little and some big. I mean there will never be anything that will really explain it all. I'm not expecting a ephiany that will explain why this terrible disease has affected my family. But for some reason its the little things that make me understand things better. An example of this was the fact that I didn't go to school this year. I would have been months into my credential program and just given my Student Teacher assignment when my dad was diagnosed. I was in what I like to call a "transitional" point in my life. AKA not doing much. Because of it it really didn't take much to just pick up my life and move it back to Torrance to be with my family.

Another example, not really having anything to do with that at all was an inncident that happened tonight. Amanda and I went to get the family dinner at Subway. First, she decided that we would go pick something up for her friend's house. Thank goodness we did. When we arrived at Subway, it was cop central and there wasn't a donut in sight. Amanda wondered if the place had been robbed. Seeing as the cops weren't in crouched position, guns in hand, I decided that we should take a look. Not sooner than we had taken our first step one of them ask if we were planning on going to Subway. I guess not sir. He informed us it was closed., even though it looked open. Obviously Amanda was correct and something had gone "down." Amanda felt it was her civil duty however to inform the cop that they should turn their OPEN sign off then, to not confuse anyone else. Which he said, "Ya, well they just got ROBBED, so they didn't know."

So basically thank you Amanda for running an errand first before going to Subway, because I don't even want to think what would have happened if we were at Subway. And thank you Danielle's grandma for stalling and trying to give Amanda vegetable oil that had expired in 2005.

So moral of the story happy for the little things and everything happens for a reason.

Kind of just raMbling, but I haven't taken pictures lately, and I know my faithful readers would be worried if I didn't post something.


Anna said...

I know the "big" things are never easy to write about - hence my going silent for weeks at times. The only redeeming thing is when so many people get so much good out of a difficult situation. I'm so thankful you guys weren't at Subway when it "went down" and I love that Amanda pointed that out about the sign...ha ha ha. Thatta girl!

Manda! said...

Al, this post brought tears to my eyes :( It made me sad to think that this situation didn't seem to bother you...but clearly it had some sort of effect on you. I think it was a simple reminder that things do happen for a reason, even if that reason is hard to understand. Also nice to see you "do" understand why I told them about the OPEN sign. hehe. xoxo