Tuesday, November 25, 2008

<3 a.m.i

I sold 5 cards today!!! Before anyone gets too excited. Clara, a Stars employee, purchased them today when working with my mom. But she bought them! And she loves them, so much that I have a custom order from her too.

Basically I need to get busy because she wiped out like half of my inventory. hehe.

It's a start!!


benz635 said...

Wow! Congratulations, my dear! I didn't even know special order was an option.?!

Anna said...

WOWWW. I've actually been thinking of card ideas that I'd have you make custom for me - I should keep a running list :) That is awesome Ali! Better get to work and crank out some more gems!

Plein said...

YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY You Go Girl! Clara is always good for it. Can you make me a xmas one for my boss? nothing fancy. how much you chargin? Have you thought about using old photos and vintage stuff? xo!

Plein said...

PS I dnt know why its posting under "Plein" but its Maggie by the way. LOL