Monday, November 17, 2008

My new hobby! That will make me a MILLIONAIRE!

So the week before I moved back to T-Town my friend Lisa and I went to Souplantation (yum!) then went to look into this store next door. Little did we know we'd spend the next hour in this tiny, adorable scrapbooking/stamping store. That's where it all began. I got some lessons from my ever so artsy fartsy sister as well as some of her tools and off I went!! I have my own little crafting area right outside our bedroom, that I'm trying oh so hard to keep neat. Anyways here are some of my cards. I'm going to try to sell some at Stars Antique Market and see where to go from there. I'm thinking pricing them at like $3 a piece. What do my faithful readers think about that?? I figure it they are going to spend "buttloads" on antiques, why not add a little card at the cash register. I'll have to talk to the gals about upselling them. :) Mom, that means you!!
Got these little stamps from Scrampers in Old Torrance.

I love this paper! Lots of little baked goods!


Similar to one I posted earlier. (if not the same one!)
My OG stamp. Aka the first one I bought!

Purple power.

I'm so happy the lady talked me into buying these little gems! Thanks Lady!

Thank you Amanda for this stamp!

I made this card for my friend Jamie who gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby boy.


Manda! said...

sissy poo...youre going places. they look so cuteeeee! as far as prices I would say $2-3 based on size. we should go shopping so we can make our christmas cards :) thatd be a fun task!!! p.s. one tree is STUPID this week. love you, miss you. ill be home around 4 tomorrow so hopefully ill see you for a little bit. xoxo

benz635 said...

Love, love, LOVE them! Can I order them in bulk, please?! I say $3. Yesssss.

Anna said...

you two girls are too damn talented for one family - spread the wealth!!! the cards look amazing al - and i want one with an owl on it! they are my fave.

Anna said...

oh and $3 is a steal! if they start moving too quickly up the price!