Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm SUCH a runner now.

So I just got back from my jog. Yes, for those of you counting that is two runs in two weeks. It might be a record. I am happy to announce it was MUCH easier this time. So hopefully if I'm not incredibly sore like last time I will be able to run again this week. My mom pointed out that the West High Alumni Soccer Game is a week from today and let's just say I don't want to be a total embarassment.

So it was a different run today and I think I like it much better than the last, even though there are some things that annoy me. #1 running on Prospect, there isn't like a flat sidewalk and then a driveway the driveway just cuts into the sidewalk. Does that make any sense? It just is annoying because there are some many driveways and it hurts my knees and ankle running on the angle. My ankles are terrible after soccer, and have a distinct bend when I try to stand straight. #2 is, there is just no way to make a run without hills around my house. I've been running up them and walking. Obviously I prefer walking and we did that on this run. Yes WE. Another reason this run was easier was because JOE came with me!! Just having someone there made it a whole lot easier, and he def. pushed me at the end, we sprinted the end before stretching and walking up the hill.

Since I am such a runner now I've found a website to map my runs. I may have found this looking at someone else's blog, or maybe in a mag, probably another blog though. so the website is called you guessed it Map My Run (www.mapmyrun.com) and I love it! It tells you how far you run, so you can map the run ahead of time, say you want to run 3 miles, you can figure out how far you need to run to do that. I've just used it after the fact to figure out how far it was.

Here it is in all it's glory,

So we RAN 2 miles and walked up the hills which equaled a little less than half a mile. My last run was less than two miles and I walked A LOT more so it's def. an improvement!! Woot. Woot.


benz635 said...

verrrrry proud. la marathon in may? huh, wadaya say?!

Anna said...

thanks for sharing the site! not that i'm going to actually get out there and run but it'll be fun to make fake run patterns for me & the dog ;) and congrats!