Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a MOLE!

Kids at the ArtZone are very observant. Any time I wear my hair a different way or wear different shoes they say something to me. Like when I wore my hair down, half the kids didn't know who I was..ok so maybe they aren't that observant. This was the same day that one of the kids said I smelled like a dog. Maybe looked like one, but I DID NOT smell like one.

Anyways there is one kid, "H" who is basically obsessed with my mole. It never fails ,everytime he comes in on Monday he says something about it. Most of the time it is the first thing he says to me. While pointing at my face,"It's a MOLE." He knows what it is because I've had to explain it to him many times, like no H you cannot pick it off my face, it's a mole and it's there all the time. He still pokes at it from time to time, which totally grosses Stef out. :) 

Well I tend to refer to it as a beauty mark, because that's what it is and it sounds a lot better than a mole. I figured explaining it as a mole would be easier to kids. Though H did make a comment about it being like an animal. So I think he thinks the thing on my face is the same thing as the animal digging holes in the ground.

Anyways, "O" noticed it recently, enough at least to ask about it. It's usually when I pick them up and they are right in my face that the notice the "chocolate chip." Anyways I tell her it's a beauty mark. And she looks at it and goes, in the sweetest, most angelic voice (that a girl with snot coming out of her nose can have) "IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! I nearly cried. It was so cute.

Just another reason I love my job.

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