Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carnival/Tattoo Celebration

So as I'm sitting on the couch nursing my sugar hangover I decided I'd blog about our super fun Saturday night. One of our good friends, Jordan, turned 30 this week and Stefanie (his wifey) planned an amazing suprise party for him. I honestly don't know how she did it, we had a hard enough time planning a surprise party for my parents while they were gone, but she did it while Jordan was there! Bravo Stef, Bravo! 

And what a party it was! I'm going to let the pictures do the talking..

(ugh I always forget to do them backwards...) 

Out by the Keg!
J & S
Stef and her Sis!
The birthday boy! Stef made him wait at Starbucks.

Fuzzy Balls.
Roasted Peanuts. Found on etsy.
Hanging flower pots, and cute picket fence.
The ellusive Pretzles.

Popcorn in adorable little pc boxes.
Drinking Fountains
One of my fav pics.
Adorable Metal Signs 

Side Door and Lights
Loved this little guy. Took many pics of him.
Tattoo Table
Front door
Tattoo Sign

Jordan's Ink Fund and Raffle Prizes

One of these are in my fridge...his hours are numbered

What a spread!
Some inside decos
Outside pics, old pictures of J!

Ps. The headache is gone!

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Mary said...

That party looks AMAZING!!!!!!! Your friend has so much talent!!! I love all of your pictures..they capture everything perfectly! LOVE IT!