Friday, January 16, 2009


I officially have an etsy account. Unfortunately I just took 5 of my new cards into Stars so I only have 4 cards in the Etsy store. So I need to get busy making more cards. :) But I have an etsy shop!! Woot. Woot. And people are looking at my cards! Granted no one has bought any but I still think it's cool that people have looked. It's a start right?

So check out my etsy shop at

Another small update, I started playing indoor soccer again. It's a pretty comical league. It's really indoor this time because we play on a basketball court. What's annoying is I now realize that my indoor shoes don't really work on this court and I was slipping all over the place. I seriously felt like circus music should have playing during the game it was so funny. But on the bright side it I'd rather run around after a soccer ball than just going for a run.

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Anna said...

Congrats! Just checked out the Etsy selecsh. Very cute phrasing my dear :) The only reason the looky loos passed is because they dont have a best gal pal or a lover.